Power Washing: Tools and Equipment You Must Have

Power washing or pressure washing is the application of high-force water via a pressure washer to remove loose dirt, mold, dust, mud, gum, chewing tobacco and grime from almost all surfaces and materials like bricks, cars, concrete and other solid surfaces. It is an economical and environmentally friendly method for cleaning of concrete, brick, wood, asphalt, slate, tiles and stones. It is usually done by a machine specially designed for this purpose.

Pressure washing equipment includes a water tank, high pressure water pump, pressure washer head, high-force water cleaning solution, hose, and cleaning tools. The pump is used to push the water through the cleaning nozzle and the head is used to apply the high-pressure water cleaning solution. High-pressure washer heads can either be electric or hydraulic type. Hydraulic pressure washing head can be used if there is no availability of electrical high-pitched head. If there is no available hydraulic high-pitched head, a steam vacuum can be used instead.

The pressure washer machine itself consists of a tub with attached water tank, electric motor, high-speed brush, and vinyl cleaning fluid. The tub contains a tank that is filled with water and the brush and nozzle is used to apply the cleaning solution. The engine provides power to the soft washing machine and the pump supplies the cleaning fluid to the brush and tub. It has a control switch that controls the flow of water and other parameters such as temperature and suction power.

Power washing machines are not efficient in removing grease, oil, and mold and mildew. The main problem lies in the application of the pressure washer head to an area with stiff paint because the nozzle may not reach the areas of stiff paint and cause the mildew to buildup and start to form a grout between the paint and the wall. Also, when you press the high-powered jet of water on a painted surface, it can create high temperatures that can melt the adhesives and bonding materials of the painted surface. Also, the higher pressure from the pressurized water can cause the vinyl cleaner fluid to spray foam which can increase condensation inside the tub and on the walls and ceilings.

When choosing the best pressure washing equipment for your property, you must consider whether you need a portable pressure washing unit or a stationary one. For home use, you can consider getting a portable pressure washing machine because you can take it along when going out and even while you are at work. Portable units can also be moved around to different parts of the house. However, stationary pressure washing units cannot be taken apart and moved around. They are fixed to a permanent fixture.

A pressure washer machine can be a very effective tool in removing grime and cleaning driveways and walkways. However, these machines can also be dangerous if they are used incorrectly. For instance, the wrong direction to apply the water can cause your floor to become soaked and this is very dangerous. The equipment should always be pointed in the direction of the perimeter walls and the driveway. Power washing should never be applied on driveways or walkways where there are roots because this can cause damage to the concrete. If you are unsure how to use the equipment safely, you should contact a professional power washing company for advice and assistance.